Author of the Colin Pendragon Mysteries

The Colin Pendragon Series

The Arnifour Affair


A carriage bearing the Arnifour family crest--a vulture devouring a slaughtered lamb--arrives at the Kensington home of Colin Pendragon...

The Bellingham Bloodbath


When murder strikes inside the closed ranks of Her Majesty's Guard, Colin Pendragon must penetrate a wall of silence and secrecy to discover the dark truth...

The Connicle Curse


 Victorian London's private detective Colin Pendragon learns that the cost of wealth can indeed be dear as he investigates the grisly fate of a well-heeled financier...

The Dalwich Desecration


 Master sleuth Colin Pendragon and his trusted partner, Ethan Pruitt, leave their familiar cosmopolitan London for rural Sussex County, where the bucolic peace has been shattered by the murder of a monk...

The Endicott Evil


 A senior member of Parliament has plummeted to her death. Did she take her own life—or was she pushed? Although Scotland Yard believes it is a clear case of suicide, others are convinced otherwise...

The Framingham Fiend


 Word of the Ripper-esque crime has begun to spread across London, sparking a fresh wave of fear, dread, and panic. For Colin, the answer will prove to be as elusive—and deadly—as the Ripper himself...